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Operable Wall
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Operable Wall

MONOPLAN Operable Wall is a top hung individual panel system with operable seals top and bottom allowing panels to glide effortlessly into position. All panel walls are the result of years of experience and product innovation. They have been designed to create a more open and flexible space. MONOPLAN Operable Wall focuses on aesthetic superiority, acoustic performance & ease of operation.

Our Operable Wall systems are manufactured to more exacting standards of finish and aesthetics than our competitors and can be seen in some of the most high-profile buildings in the world.

The MONOPLAN Operable Wall is a top quality movable wall system that allows you to optimise the use of available space with speed and ease.

These sophisticated acoustic operable walls do not require a floor track and yet once positioned the interlocking panels form a rigid structure giving all the properties and appearance of a permanent wall.

The MONOPLAN Operable Wall system comprises panels up to 1240mm wide. Actual panel widths are determined by the site aperture, there are no standard sized panels or ‘make up’ panels.

Luxury Hotels

Sports arenas

Convention Centres

Lecture halls

Banks & financial institutions

Public buildings

Headquarters offices

Universities, Colleges,


Flagship retail premises


Operable Wall

Operable Wall

Features & Benefits

  • Top hung system without the need for a floor track

  • Retractable top and bottom seals ensure effortless movement of panels

  • Combines elegance with robust construction

  • Concealed or exposed panel edge profiles


Features & Benefits

  • Sealed for life roller assemblies provide smooth and silent movement

  • The system offers various levels of sound reduction

  • Extensive range of surface finishes available

  • Numerous panel stacking options for complete flexibility



Our Operable Wall system offers various levels of sound reduction starting at 32dB through to 57dB. All of these levels have certification awarded by reputable independent acousticians; they are not based on ‘in-house’ tests. Copies of certification available on request.


Operable Wall Model


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