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Glass Partition System

3-4 weeks installation time

Free for site visit 

12 months warranty

offers a series of innovative glass wall systems designed for a modern office defined by a culture of creativity and transparency GT is all about flexibility and the ability to achieve a high level of acoustic performance within a space Delivered in a clean aesthetic, GT is available as a single or double glass panel system Both design and materials support environmental initiatives and occupant health, balancing the need for enclosure and acoustic privacy with a sense of openness and full access to natural light.


▪Element heights of up to 3 ,2 00mm
▪Ultra slim frame at 25mmH x 112mmW
▪Sound insulation at max. STC 44dB
▪Clash proof metal fittings

▪Aluminum construction
▪Perfectly matching components
▪Low construction depths and slim profile designs
▪Various glazing and locking types, colours etc. available

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