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Solid Operable Wall

Finishing material selection

Melamine | Plastic Laminate | Glass  | Antibacterial Laminate
Mirror | Acoustic Panel | Fabric | Magnetic Whiteboard

3-4 weeks installation time

Free for site visit service

12 months warranty

Monoplan S acoustically divide spaces.  Acoustic infill combined with interlocking edge profiles with unique seal interfaces giving up to 52dB sound insulation block performance. Our mechanism also performs within site restrictions or constraints such as uneven floors and deflections. Magnetic profiles complement precision engineered roller and track systems allowing effortless operation. Unique roller locking mechanism guarantees panel alignment in the long term. Available in a range of finishes including melamine, virtual veneer, digi-art or primed for on-site decorating.


Physical Properties                                 S65                                     S85                                      S100
Panel thickness:                                      65mm                                  85mm                                      100mm
Panel height:                                   1500 – 5500mm            1500 – 5500mm                 1500 – 5500mm
Panel width:                                        700 – 1200mm             700 – 1200mm                     700 – 1200mm
Panel weight:                                        ~35kg/m2                         ~55kg/m2                              ~55kg/m2
Sound Insulation (STC):                       35dB                                 40-48dB                                  52-55dB     



Mechanisms and Ironmongery

i) Carrier:
Each single panel shall include two heavy duty steel ball-bearing wheels.

ii) Pass Door:
Pass doors shall be installed in the operable wall system complete with locks and other ironmongery. Pass doors shall be sealed tightly with respect to jambs and floors when closed. Automatic drop seal shall be provided for the bottom of the door leaf. The door leaf shall be flush with the rest of the panel. Inset Pass Doors, permanently hinged Full-height Doors and Double leaf Inset Pass Doors have recessed handles unless the client otherwise specifies.


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