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Glazed Operable Wall

3-4 weeks installation time

Free for site visit service

12 months warranty

Monoplan G

Glazed Operable Wall shall be individual flat glass panels, mounted in full perimeter protective aluminum frames, clear anodized aluminum vertical protective trims, top supported, manually operate, top and bottom mechanical seals, surfacesfinished with tempered glass. Individual panel is constructed from aluminum / welded steel frame, finished with tempered clear glass both side with back painted border.

Top and bottom seals are extended and retracted by way of an operating key located in the vertical edge profile of each basicpanel. The telescopic end panel (with nose extending to providing firm seal to wall) is operated by means of an access point on the front face cover, it is to achieve the final closure and to open up the partition wall to be stacked away.

Inset pass doors, permanently hinges full height doors and double leaf inset pass doors have recessed handles unless the client otherwise specifies. Specification can include walls meeting to form corner junctions, “T” or “L” shape systems


Physical Properties

                                                 SG75                                   SG88                                 SG100

Panel thickness:                      75mm                                 88mm                               100mm

Panel height:                  1500 – 5500mm                  1500 – 5500mm                 1500 – 5500mm

Panel width:                     700 – 1200mm                    700 – 1200mm                   700 – 1200mm

Sound insulation (STC):          35dB                                   40dB                                   44dB


Standard Panel
Wall panels shall be 100mm thick top hung without floor guide. Weight is approximately 45kg/m², depends on the specific requirement of sound isolation. Th panel shall be finished with 8+25A+8mm thick insulating glass in general on both sides, secured on top of aluminium frame. Horizontal splice might be necessary depending on panel height.

Adjusting Panel
The closing panel of the wall shall be a telescopic adjusting panel with a telescopic section on one side. This suitcase shall be operated, together with the top and bottom seals, by an internal three-way spindle mechanism. The common achievable stroke is 80mm.

Inset Pass Door
The frame legs jambs will incorporate retractable seals for complete and tight closure to the floor. A floor bolt and tube can be supplied upon request. The seals in the frame legs and at the top of the panel are operated in the same way as other wall panels. This mechanism also locks the door when the panels are being moved. The bottom seal of the door leaf is automatically activated and can be adjusted to the correct stroke. With a double wicket door, the active leaf is used as a standard door with lock and recessed lever handles in satin stainless steel finish. The inactive leaf has no lever handle and can be used only when the active leaf is opened.

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